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World of tanks matchmaking platoon, greedy goblin proof that world of tanks is rigged

World of Tanks

Or they modify a tank's parameter. Your tank bounces most ridicolous shots, 40 dating 30 your guns hits most ridicolous shots for full damage. Stop effing with a good thing! After playing for a few months I got the same feeling that WoT is rigged on some level.

World of tanks is one of the most over rated games on the net. The last one I've seen a few times where I will be sitting behind cover far away from other tanks then next thing you know I get messages like my track is hit, we're damaged, and crap. And you want to buy more gold to buy newer tanks to feel it again. The game is rigged to make stupid people look bad at tanks. It's optimized for fast matchmaking rather than good mm.

Artillery is calculated separately. Please be sure to keep your discussions respectful. You set enemies on fire, crits, short hair dating etc. You notice the win streaks where you do almost nothing and win?

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They just want your moneys first. My enemy was comprised off various tanks and all in my tier. Upgrading tanks only gets you into higher tiers so heavier stuff is shooting at you.

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You speculated that those good players in your team were there to be dragged down with a loss. When a projectile is fired, gasses enter the bore evacuator and pressurize it. In the future it is possible to add option so player could expend the range of the levels s he can play at by raising the ceiling level to the maximum. And because of that the weight of the artillery is calculated separately from the rest of the vehicles.

Platoon matchmaking

Half of one team dying early is normal in the dynamics of a low tier game. This is just software that emulates a game and has nothing to do with skill, I am a pretty good player and pay attention to all kinds of things but my win rate never changes or improves. They give way to a higher level tanks, since players always improve their hangar collection by getting higher level tanks.

If additional limitations will be added, dating cocoa beach it is possible that the waiting time will increase and it will be impossible to increase the maximum size of a platoon. Match tier with opposing teams platoon. This game could be fun without this pervert matchmaker.

Strength in Numbers Platoons

How well I do, seems relative to how stupid I play. It's about map tactics and critical decisions in certain situations a battle makes you face. To do this they must have a game that attracts a lot of players, and encourage them to spend money.

There is definitely some sort of team unbalance mechanic in matchmaking. Matchmaking should balance platoons and team composition. If one team has platoons, the other team should as well.


Want to talk about match making? Then you're in the right place. The primary objective of WoT is to earn money. For those that thing his win percent will go down you are likely wrong.

  • Unheard of that I couldnt hurt a thing.
  • Just like an experienced team of Wow gladiators suddenly switching to alts would have a really good win ratio until the matchmaking system worked out how good they really were.
  • The system does not care who you are and where you are from.
  • In fact, it is so overt, that is is covert!
  • Also the team with the least number of heavies going to town will usually win exception the lost temple map.

It's stupid funny but allot of it is true. It works in following manner. If you feel that something is wrong, stop paying money for this shit. However, this study does reinforce the hypothesis that players tend to attribute high win ratios to their own skill, and low win ratios to external factors beyond their control. You can wish in one hand and crap in the other.

Greedy goblin Proof that World of Tanks is rigged

The marder was voted on the forum for tank must likely to solo an enemy team so it is indeed the best choice for this experiment but you are still wrong imo. Artillery is always balanced separately. However the influx of new players is always fluctuating, so the weight ceiling for the team also varies.

Tell me that is not rigged game please. Artillery has a special place in any team. However this means that team strategy and coordination can have a huge lasting impact on the game and mitigate randomness, kenyan socialite dating president's son so it sounds like Clan Wars are the place to be.

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  1. It is already extremely fun, but if other good players enter the T arena, it will be real good fight.
  2. The good players have to carry the newbies and afkers.
  3. No one tank performs the same for all players.
  4. So fuck them and their game I hope they all starve to death.
  5. The ultimate proof would be to start buying gold ammo and play with top tier tanks showing that the same results are reachable if they can't nerf you to the level of average players.
  6. If there was a way i could add images i would show end results for a few of my games.

Official Matchmaking Discussion Thread

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How Matchmaking Works in World of Tanks

What would be interesting would be to see how high that percentage would be if he did pay for all the possible advantages. Its all good because in about a month War Thunder brings out its ground vehicles - which will make WoT look like a steaming pile of elephant shit. If you're stupid, you will be stupid with well penetrating gold ammo too. They had no chance against the enemy average players due to decreased penetration, hit and damage. People start monitoring your stats and look at game reports.

It does not matter what angle i shoot the bloody thing on the first shot will always bounce. Of course, that's why hardcore players talk about the survival rate as victory, not just simple team victory. So in general as what i noticed, the game is rigged big time, and am wondering how long it would take until someone else starts to notice this and stops playing wot for good. Invisible tanks, shells bounching, missing not penetrating. Five games later with the same vehicle, on the same map it seems as if I forget what I learned.

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